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Elioth Parker Dawson
Nickname(s) Gummysweet
Species Nimbeat
Gender Female
Age 19


Picture: Description: Gummysweet always wears her pink sweater, and prefer walking than flying with her membraneous wings. She has more of a humanoid appearance than the other nimbats, 5 fingers and toes instead of 3, no markings on her buffed out orange fur and a crystal blue pupil with a regular sclera.


Gummysweet used to be called Elioth Parker Dawson, her original name given from her nickname, Elioth, and both her parent's last names. The family tradition worked such as before being a teenager and learning to live on your own and taking care of the sacred sword, you didn't have an official name. They were given a temporary name that would identify them easily among their pairs. She has got her name from the fact that when she was young, at night, she snatched gummy bears from a giant jar and ate them. She is sweet and kind, wich deserved her the "sweet" suffix. Nearing the age of 17 years old, she got tired of all those legends about the sword who waited for a master to call them, forcing her to wait next to it for an hour, pretending she was "guarding" it when she was just wasting her spare time. Every member of the family had to alternate lookout for the sword, but gummysweet couldn't take it anymore. She wanted to be free, to meet friends and hang out, instead of being doomed being a slave for a supposedly sacred sword. She decided to run away, having not much that held her back in her tribe. She used to go to school, but being bullied alot, she left and never went back again. She didn't make much friends because of that, but she had a couple of close friends that she asked assistance from in her runaway. One of them was her biggest crush, but she never dared tell him. Having to leave, there was no point in revealing that to him anymore. After heartfelt goodbyes, she ran away to live her life, her real life. Free. In her tribe, they taught the defender of the sword magical powers, based on the elements. Rare were those who could possess more than two of those abilities. She could manipulate air and water, allowing her to travel at high speed or warm herself up if she was cold, and she could move, reshape, and defend herself with hardened water. Cold air helped with that part. Now she is a wild soul, travelling for adventures.


Shy towards strangers, she doesn't really open up to people. But once you get to know her, she's silly and cheerful. She has a kind heart, and will try to help a friend by any means necessary. She loves eating. Anything edible, she doesn't care. Though she stays very slim even if she eats alot. She is sweet and kind, which deserved her the "sweet" suffix. She gets grumpy early in the morning, but catches up soon after! She is a romantic kind of girl and she likes to demonstrate affection. A hug is always around the corner. She loves to travel, she has been to many places in her life, she loves to see new environments and point of views. The beauty of the world is fascinating to her.