Kaya Moon

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Kaya Moon
Gender Male
Affiliation Will of the Wisp
Relatives Jeru Moon(twin brother), Santoki Moon(older sister)
Nationality Callegal
Age 21
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Navy

Kaya is a protagonist in the main story arc of Will of the Wisp. He is the impassive and quiet character of the story and portrays a good neutral affiliation.


Kaya was born in the wealthy line of successful wizards, the Moon family. When Kaya was twelve, his parents were involved in a freak accident. Kaya and his sister Santoki stayed with their aunt after. Kaya, however, ran away and sought home in Will of the Wisp. Taken in by Izabelle, Kaya was cared for in the guild. Growing up surrounded by wizards, Kaya learnt his grandfather's created spells. Becoming a Light Wizard and with the training of Izabelle, he soon grew to become a prospering wizard.

Physical Description[edit]

Average height and slender, Kaya is somewhat built and has an athletic frame. His eyes appear emotionless and he carries a dead faced expression. Expressing no sign of inner warmth, Kaya reserves himself tremendously well. He wears a sleeveless, combat vest over a collared, sleeveless shirt. His left shoulder sports a steel cover. His back is covered by a cape but Kaya often wears a white robe in less suitable weather.


Reserved and quiet, Kaya can come across as condescending due to his lack of emphatic tone. Some however see his inner feelings, it is not known why he chooses to hide the feelings he evidently has.


Kaya is well trained with a sword, which he carries in a sheath, a family heirloom. However, he can create and utilize many weapons; hammers, spears, cannons, he also fights strategically and shows good knowledge in battle formation. He tends to never use his own body for combat.