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Species Fox
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Age 26
Sexuality Bisexual
Weight 147 lb (67 kg)


Ketsi has always been a bright mind. He learned to read at the age of two, and no one could keep him out of books ever since. Always at the top of his class, Ketsi skipped 3 grades in his entire schooling, graduating at the age of 15 at the very top of his graduating class. He waited until he turned 20 to start college, and after finishing his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Petrochemical Engineering, he's going back to work dully on a doctrines in his subject, and a bachelor's in Psychology.


This little fox is a well rounded person. He isn't exactly [i]shy[/i], but he isn't outgoing either. He likes company, but not when he's doing his studies. School always comes first, he's always said.