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Species Eevee
Gender Female
Family Yohamaru, David
Spouse(s) Fandango
Height 3 ft 11 in (119 cm)
Age 14
Sexuality Hetrosexual
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Weight 78 lb (35 kg)


Lucky never knew her father, but her mother was someone she adored greatly - a blissfully warm and beautiful Flareon. She was born into a rag tag band of wild Eevee's and their evelutions that called themselves "The Clan." One dark day though, the evil and dasterdly Team Rocket came and stole Lucky and her mother for one reason; they were "scent-seers." This ability was very valuable to Team Rocket, and they would do anything to somehow collect it from these two Pokemon. One day, the place where they were being held was raided by Officer Jenny and her friends - and Lucky was freed... But her mother didn't make it. Orphaned, Lucky wandered back to her clan, to descover a horrible tradition amongst her clan - A "de-flowered" Eevee (Something that happened unwillingly, during her captivity...) Cannot evolve. So even after she was taken in by Yohamaru, her loving trainer, she still must stay an Eevee for the remainder of her life.


Lucky is incredibly shy to those she doesn't know, but fiercely loyal and protective of those she does. Very finicky and likes to keep her fur and coat clean. Her younger life was full of tragedy, and she remained miserable until she "bonded" with Maru, and left her child hood "Poketribe" to be his companion.