Nadea Jarrah

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Nadea Jarrah
Born 3rd September, 1980
Blood Status Pure Blood
Species Humam
Gender Female

Altair Jarrah (Brother)

Sara Jarrah (Sister)
House Slytherin
Wand 11", Rowan Wood, Phoenix Feather, Stiff
Patronus St. Bernard
Height 4'6"
Eye Color Warm brown
Skin Color Light
Hair Color Dark brown
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Jarrah Family
  • Slytherin


Nadea was born in Jordan, but grew up in Dubai. Her father worked in England, and although travelling wasn't a problem, his work in the Ministry was demanding. Nadea's mother owned a magic camera shop in the Middle Eastern magical world, and would often have little magical gadgets from shipowner friends. When Nadea's oldest sister reached 11, they begun packing to move to England to attend Hogwarts. However, Nadea's mother fell ill and died soon after due to a rare genetic sickness. Leaving her family in shock, and completely unprepared, they pushed through the pain and moved. They often returned to Dubai for the first two years but then her father's work became more demanding and they had little time. Nadea settled well and found happiness in her current situation. Capable of drawing life from any downfall. Her sister is an intelligent Ravenclaw and a prefect. Her brother lacks the books smarts but is a strong wizard. He's the type of guy who's always okay as long as he has his friends. Nadea's father is a well-known ex-bounty hunter, Hassan Jarrah, who has captured and inprisoned many dark wizards to Azkaban.

Physical Description[edit]

"Nadea Jarrah stood in front of her father between her two much older siblings. She wore a baby blue sweater and beige chino trousers, rolled up at the ankle. Small, espadrille ballet sandals of white and navy stripes. A light cream flower designed scarf was elegantly wrapped around her head, framing her face. Her cheeks were soft and round, although her body wasn't near round. "


Nadea is an energetic witch with a smart and passionate personality. She's lively and friendly with a great love for learning and getting to the top.