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Species Cat
Gender Female
Family Angelica, Kyleigh
Spouse(s) May, Tali
Height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Age 19
Sexuality Bisexual
Eye Color Green and Red
Fur Color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Weight 99 lb (45 kg)



Star's bio starts off somewhat average. Born to a loving mother, but her father left shortly after she was born. Her life was without that father figure; but you can bet that this absence has only made her that much stronger. Just before she came to FaS, her mother passed of a sickness that no doctor seemed able to cure. "She's just given up," they said. Absolutely shattered, sick with grief, and lost, she's wandered into FaS.


To those she does not know, Star is very withdrawn and reserved. But to those who know her well she is a fiery, spunky, and quirky soul who loves to make others laugh.


Star is an empath. She can sense emotions as if they were a scent, and her talent is very accurate. She can even go as far as to transfer emotions through skin-to-skin contact of some sort.


Mated to May and Tali. May and Star have had twins, Angelica and Kyleigh.