Yohamaru (Character)

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Yohamaru Yakamishi
Feral Yohamaru
Nickname(s) Maru
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
Age 18
Sexuality Bisexual
Eye Color Silver
Fur Color Black with a white tuft on his chest
Weight 90 lb (41 kg)


(Feral) http://www.furandscales.net/wiki/images/c/c9/Maru_4leg_RP.jpg (Anthro picture has yet to be found. :c)


Yohamaru doesn't have that much of an exciting past. Raised strictly but lovingly by a caring mother and father, attended school and did average all the way through. He was an active youngster - and quite the precarious one, he could go on for hours about different scars that scour his body. Growing up, he's gotten himself into his heart and soul - Boarding - of any kind. It started with Surfing, then Snow boarding, and finally, long boarding. His life has always been very musical - if the conversation isn't too interesting, you damn well better expect him to bring up music.


Maru, as he's most commonly referred to, is about the most sociable person you'll ever meet. Kind hearted, funny, outgoing, spontaneous. He's always smiling, laughing; that thick bushy tail almost always wagging. The wolf is die-hard loyal to his friends, there isn't a thing he wouldn't do for them.


The only ability Yohamaru possess was a magical ability granted by Trarix. This ability grants the wolf the power to change his gender at will - he's even named his female self, Mariko. Mariko is just the same as Yohamaru, but she's much more bubbly, as well as polar opposite when it comes to the bedroom... But that's something you'll have to figure out.

Mariko's Appearance[edit]